The Ministry of Agriculture was founded in 1980 and is saddled with the responsibility of providing policy direction for the Government. It also provides oversight function of its implementing agencies (there are two of them at the moment). The Ministry implements its policies through the currently existing parastatals in the State i.e.

  • Kaduna State Agricultural Development Project (KADP) and 
  • Kaduna State Forest Management Project (KSFMP). The agencies serve as the implementing arm of the Ministry.

The departments in the Ministry include;

  1. Engineering Services (Agriculture Engineering and Irrigation Services),
  2. Agricultural Services (Horticulture, Produce, Fisheries e.t.c),
  3. Veterinary & Livestock Services (Veterinary Public Health, Clinical Services and Livestock),
  4. Cooperative and Admin & Finance.

There are:

  • 5 outstations of the Ministry 

  • Departments (Irrigation and Agriculture Engineering) have 7.